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The original intention for funding of JINQI Minerals, is because the rapid shortage of talc in premium quality: mining restrictions from environmental protection policies in China leads a consequence of sharply deduction in talc supplying, especially in major mineral regions such as Haicheng in Liaoning province, Shandong province , Qinghai province and Guangxi province. The costs of mine exploited had been ever-increased once no explosive method are available in market, additionally, the downstream of talc is booming in along with the upgrading of market, it is difficult to offer sufficient supplying of talc powder in premium quality for the new emerged market.

Under the market conditions, JinQi Minerals was funded and paid attention on the mineral resources in abroad, JinQi Minerals made investment in talc mines and owned two mines with proved reserves in 5.0 Million ton, JinQi owns processing factory based in Shandong province with full set of EIA authorities, factory adopted advanced feeding machine and production system, enjoys advantages of both high efficiency production and lower costs. Factory Site is under 7S Management, equipped with 2 sets of Raymond Mills and 4 sets of Jet Mill, enable production line to process hundred ton of powder at 1250 Mesh, and maximum to 5,000 Mesh. JinQi always keep available stocks for valuable clients  of powder for on-time supplying to clients.

The mines from JinQi are in extremely high quality, all the talc products are high purity, low rate of loss on ignition (1000℃) and extremely high whiteness. After the scientific processing from factory, the talc powder can be widely applied in Engineering plastics, Coating, Paper Making, Ceramics, Cables, Rubber, Medicine and Cosmetics, and so on.

We do care about our quality, we always understand that is the lifeline of JinQi minerals, JinQi is equipped with full set of TQM Management system, self-owned laboratory with XRD and Whiteness Detector etc, enable our analysts to analyze key factors of talc product on time. JinQi make talc selection very carefully by each delivery, only the premium quality talc can be delivered to JinQi. Moreover, it is the pleasure of JinQi to follow client’s instruction for quality inspection from any  appointed third party.

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