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For Engineering-plastics

For Engineering-plastics

Engineering-Plastic class talcum powder, is a product special for the plastic, the powder with outstanding quality, extremely high whiteness and purity, high completion of Piece structure, good flatness and high ratio of Diameter-thickness.
DescriptionChemical AnalysisProduct EffectSelection Guide
Engineering-Plastic class talcum powder, is a product special for the plastic, powder with outstanding quality, extremely high whiteness, high completion of Piece structure and purity would strengthen various functions of plastics in:Rigidity,Creep resistance,Tensile strength, Heat resistance etc. Plastics involves PP, PE will be given a better performance to compete Engineering-plastics. Meanwhile, the product would improve the size stability by reduce molding shrinkage.
Test GB/T15342-2012 Standard
First class
Our product
Whiteness≥ 90 95
Wet whiteness≥ Not Required 93
Oil absorption≥ Not Required 35-40g/100g
Moisture≤ 0.50 0.3
SiO2≥ 60.0 62
MgO≥ 30.0 32
Fe2O3≤ 0.80 0.15
Al2O3≤ 1.00 0.25
CaO≤ 1.00 0.01
LOI(1000℃)/%≤ 7.00 6
Bulk density(g/mL)≤ 0.55 0.6g/ml
Talc Powder Effect Reference effect
Wet whiteness Color of plastic Assure original and good color for products in light color
Moisture Inverse association to whiteness; part of moisture cannot be fully melted in melting Low moisture content (0.2%) assured a good color for products; low moisture enable no internal stress caused and increased.
Piece structure    
Optimize mechanical properties
Improve in strength, stiffness, impact properties at low temperature; Decline Heat shrinkage ratio, assure the stable size; Better surface finish.
MgO Optimize mechanical properties Decline Heat shrinkage ratio; Improve in strength and stiffness etc.
Fe2O3 Cause plastic aging, decline insulation  Low Fe ingredients (0.13%) cause nearly none negative effect to plastic
CaO Cause negative effect to toughness and brittle. Low Ca ingredients (0.06%0 cause nearly none negative effect to plastic
Original mines of talc The piece structure is the reinforcing source for plastics modification.  Better mechanism properties
Impurities ingredients Micro-structure not in piece structure, invalid to reinforcing and deteriorate features of flexural modulus and heat stability.  Low impurities ingredients cause nearly none negative effect to plastics.

Piece structure Piece structure in shell arrangement, recognized as the source to strengthen mechanical properties etc. Strengthen Mechanical properties and weather resistance etc.
1. The selection of Talcum powder for engineering-plastic purpose, shall consider four major factors in Purity, Whiteness, Product Structure and Fitness.

2. It is irrational to determine the talcum quality by percentage of SiO2, MgO and whiteness. For instance, the LOI ratio and SiO2 percentage will shows great when talc contains much wollastonite, the real talc ingredients may be less than 40% of total,  all those impurities (except talc& Chlorite) would not give plastic a functional strengthen effect since those are not in Piece structure. Before your procurement and decision making, we recommend you to consider mineralogy detection result(By XRD) besides chemical analysis and LOI ratio.

3. Talcum powder for Engineering-plastic purpose, shall select powder with high purity value, the impurities mine ingredients involves Magnesite, Quartz etc would cause a harmful damage to plastic functions, carbonate and metals from the impurities would cause functional drops involves serious deterioration of ageing resistance and heat stability. Ignition loss is an important ratio to measure the purity, usually talcum powder with 6.5% LOI ratio (1000℃) is the best material for plastic.

4. Whiteness is not a considerable index for plastic functions, but it’s important to maintain a pure color for plastic products in light color. A major defect for talcum powder, is darken the color after mixing with powders. Before make the procurement, we recommend client to pay attention on Whiteness of Wet (Added DMP and test), the index is an important reflection for ‘How much the plastic will darken’. High whiteness (L*) does not assured high whiteness of wet, the wet whiteness is high only in case both purity and whiteness (L*) is high, which enable plastic products will be maintained as a good looking after mixing with talcum powder.

5. The complete Piece Structure is an essential source for plastic strengthen, higher level of structure completion, better effect in functional improvement. All the processing factories must be equipped with Jet mill to process into super fine fitness, improper processing method will damage the completion of Piece Structure.

6. The finer your powder, the larger surface area, and the better interface reaction. Super fine talcum powder can be evenly dispersed in mixture which enable a negligible damage to continuous phase of polymer, and further cause much lesser negative effect to mechanical property. We recommend our client to select finer talcum powder as additive.

 7. The consistency between talcum powder and high polymer is poor since the nature of talcum is inorganic compound whereas polymer is organic. We recommend our client to have an advance surface treatment to talcum powder by coupling reagent such as Silane Coupling agent etc.

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