JINQI Minerals



Registered capital at 30 Million, we integrated the whole process from mining, processing to sales. Jinqi has self-owned talc mine, equipped with advanced processing and testing equipments. Under assured quality, the corporate costs are well-managed which enable us to offer talc product with great cost performance: SAMITEbrand talcum powder
1. Costs advantages
Self-owned mine resource based in Minas, Brazil. World-class quality with lower mining costs to China, talc from the mine has advantages of brilliant whiteness, high purity and without any asbestos ingredients.
2. Quality advantages
The talc delivered to Jinqi are 100% selected by experts who are experience enriched, only talc in premium quality will be transported to our processing factory. All the superfine product are processed by Jet mill which ensured the completion of piece structure, lower ratio of curvature.

3. Sales advantages
We have sales branch based in regions from different countries, multiple language service available, supporting languages in Mandarin Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Please refer to ‘Contact Us’ and view the hotline.

China (Mainland)


Hong Kong:+85231733712